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External USB hard drive

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:01 am
by Doctor Clu
What does it take to get an USB hard drive to work on the Archos? I have a mini-USB (male) to regular USB (female) cable, supposedly the type that you could buy for the Archos. So what do you have to set up in the Archos to recognize the hard drive?

Also what types of storage devices will work and is there a limit to the space it can have?

I know the external storage device needs to be self-powered or a device that requires no extra power. I suppose with that in mind, a thumb drive wouldn't work. I did manage to get a 1 TB hard drive that has its own power supply, however that drive doesn't seem to work (even when plugged in) unless it gets power from the USB slot.

So what I'm looking for here are success stories.