Can I overclock archos 101 without root?

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Can I overclock archos 101 without root?

Post by pete917 »

Is it possible to overclock my G8 Archos 101 without root?

If not, what is the best way to root it?

Many thanks
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Re: Can I overclock archos 101 without root?

Post by FZelle »

No, and even with rooting it does not bring much ( atm max 1.1 instead of 1 GHz ).

And the rooting process is descrived here quite often.
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Re: Can I overclock archos 101 without root?

Post by viking »

Dont overlook overdrive under settings
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Re: Can I overclock archos 101 without root?

Post by mjsamp »

I think the best way to achieve this is using the milestone-overclock. I do it with my debian image and woks fine, now it is very faster running at 1.3 ghz and 70v!

This is for the debian image, for android download and install the apk and you should have root.

Caution! This may damage your tablet! Try it at your own risk.

It is based upon the milestone-overclock project that consists of a kernel module for OMAP3 phones with Android to unlock any processor frequency/voltage combination.

How does it work?
It works by changing several parameters directly in kernel memory.

For this to work, the module must know two memory addresses.

First, you should download the apk file at: ... loads/list

I used the MilestoneOverclock148.apk version.

We only need the kernel module for archos, so extract it to any where and copy the kernel module overclock_archos_22.ko to /lib/modules in debian image.

Now we need find the omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table and mpu_opps_addr kernel memory addresses:

The address of omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table

# grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms

I found this value for my Archos 101IT gen8
c005e010 T omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table

To auto detect the correct mpu_opps_addr use the omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table value found:

insmod /lib/modules/overclock_archos_22.ko omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr=0xc005e010

Run dmesg and you should see something like this:

overclock: Motorola Milestone/Droid/DroidX CPU overclocking version 1.4.8
overclock: by Tiago Sousa <[email protected]>
overclock: found mpu_opps_addr at 0xc0606d3c

Now you can set a specified frequency and voltage at load time adding this entry in the script:

to set a 1.2 Ghz frequency and 65v

insmod /lib/modules/overclock_archos_22.ko mpu_opps_addr=0xc0606d3c max_rate=1200000 max_vsel=65

You can find more information here:
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