new firmware 2.3.26 - report bugs here

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Re: new firmware 2.3.26 - report bugs here

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dlarkin_dc wrote:Okay, I've been very patient, positive and open minded with this firmware... but I've had it with random reboots (while in browser), dropped wi-fi conections anytime anywhere, and sick of apps going to the Cuckoos Nest for lack of RAM. Count me in with those clamoring for the fixes!

Ya know I get the funny feeling that my wifi problem is different than others. I never drop connectivity at all. I just can't get connected to certain networks in need to like my offices guest wireless. I think it uses wpa authentication which I have seen others talking about having trouble with. Hopefully the new release will address both of these situations.

EDIT: OK I just reread what I typed... what I meant to say was that it seems there is more than one wireless issue at hand. Btw... I just dropped wireless connectivity when I first tried to do this edit. How's THAT for Murphys law... :lol:
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Re: new firmware 2.3.26 - report bugs here

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Firmware 2.3.81 is out: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=54502
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