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Post by mr-mac »

So the archos fanboys don't mind archos not being providing what they sold (sorry maybe I am guilty of the same by saying fanboy but it is a good example of what I am saying).

So there are more people on here obviously are annoyed they didn't get what they were sold but they get told to put up or shutup, sell their unit or told they are wrong.

So instead of leaving them to it and just avoiding the topic they are not interested in and leave the people who are to discuss it the topic is locked.

I have been a forum member of multiple forums for years (hpcfactor xdadevs and various car forums) and have never felt so unwelcome and had opinions so easily dissmissed by more experienced members. Made to feel like it's somehow my fault I didn't get what I paid for. I always try to be respectfully even if I do not agree.

Anyone else on here feel like that?

I expect a pile of cheeky remarks to prove my point (you know the sort the ones that say who cares and get lost). Maybe I will be surprised and maybe some will say I see your point and appologise.

I do not aim these remarks at everyone on here or anyone in particular. I just ask for the good of archos products and future members you maybe think carefully so as not to make others feel alienated.

Got the feeling there will be quite a few other members feel like me (give it 5 seconds before you lock this let it run for a while and see if I am the only one, if I am not maybe you can take my comments seriously).

If someone new came on here and dissmissed experienced members opinions so quickly and in the same manner I am sure the new member would pulled up rather quickly. I think there are some double standards at play here.

There does not seem to be a way to unregistered but will see what is said before I decide if I am off or not.

I did not post this to start a flame war but genuinely try to get people to look at the way they are treating others. It's the manner opinions are dissmissed not the fact they are

Thanks :(
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by maviler »

Totally agree.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by FZelle »

I know that all the google experience funktions are not out of the box, because google decided this, not Archos.

Because i know the resourcehunger of flash ( my Thinkpad R60 1,8Ghz C2D needs 80% dualcore power to show HD Flash )
and the stupidity of some webdesigners i don't expect such a small device to do all this without stuttering.

I even switch of the anoying flash on my PC and avoid idiots that think that a webpage is only usefull with flash.

Since Oktober 2009 adobe is claiming that flash will be ready with Android 2.0.
Adobe was not delivering and the whole Android community is pissed by the behavior of Adobe.
Additionaly to that "not delivering" every company that has done some optimization
had to remove that optimized version, so again not Archos fault.

This is the reason why I don't complain about the missing optimized flash.

And that you feel unwelcomed might be connected to how you are complaining.
Calling people with other opinions fanboys doesn't help being warmly welcomed.

Do you even consider that other people use/want/need their device for other reasons than you?
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by butterflygirl »

First the name of this forum is ARCHOSFANS. It is not owned or maintained by Archos, but by Charbax. Second, it is supposed to be a SUPPORT forum to help people get the most out of their devices, not a venue for ranting about Archos products.

I understand that you feel that Archos has not delivered to you what you feel was advertised. There are some things that I am not happy with as well, but I feel that Archos is attempting to fix the software issues with regular firmware updates. Although it takes them awhile, they have always replaced any product I had a hardware problem with which was still under warranty.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by gte105u »

I agree with butterfly girl. This is a support forum for Archos Fans. It is not a place to rally the villagers with pitchforks to go take down the king. If you feel that you were not given what was advertised, complain to the people who did it. A well worded letter to Archos, your local authorities, business associations, or electronics publications would do a lot more to fix the problems you have with Archos. Getting on a message board to complain warrants responses.

I think there is reason for some people to feel they did not get what they expected. That goes double for the people who went to the store and bought it without researching. I personally feel that is why it is always smart to research fully before buying, but that is another matter. I just do not feel that there is any basis to saying that Archos false advertised with regards to Flash. I have Flash, it works, and it is readily available through legal means to anyone who wants it. That is all that was claimed. They have not promised every site will work. They did not promise an optimized version nor it to be preinstalled. They have potentially made it appear better than it is without drawing attention to the flaws, but I have not seen anything official from Archos that I can say is inaccurate with regards to Flash.

I am not a fanboy of many things. I am typically very critical of companies, government, media, etc. I think a person/institution/company should live up to their word. But I also keep a very watchful eye for half-truths, omission, and exaggeration. I do not say a car company lied when they claim 24 MPG and I average 21. You take that with a grain of salt. The people complaining about the dual boot claims have a valid issue. If I had bought it for that reason and then found out it voided the warranty I would be POed. But this thing runs Flash about as well as I expected, and I think anyone with realistic expectations would feel the same. I would suggest you play with it to see if you can find different combinations of settings, browsers, and Flash versions to optimize the experience. If you truly think you were lied to then exercise your right as a consumer to actually do something about it. I sense that most do not because deep down they know they do not have a case. But if you complain about it on an internet message board, you should expect to have people respond with their opinion. I respect your right to your opinion, and you should respect my right to disagree and state it accordingly.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by Union Man »

This coming from a guy named "Mr. Mac"
If you felt you were cheated or anything, then complain to your State, city or federal Consumer Complaint Bureau and log in your official complaint. easy peasy. People do that all the time.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by BlckPudding »

Opinions will vary, that is the beauty of being an individual. I agree with mc mac that some of the responses were inappropriate. If a member reads a post that contains an opinion they donÔÇÖt agree with it is not helpful to advise just selling the device or any of the other comments made.

Some on this site fail to understand others frustration over the flash tribulations, however it is obviously a topical issue and one that i do not feel is black and white by any stretch of the imagination. And in my mind that will breed healthy discussion to which i hope Archos are taking note. Having said that i believe that Allen did the right thing by ending the thread as it had degenerated into an us against them topic.

I would not admit to it but i am probably an Archosfan, however having had some good experiences with this company, i cannot always sing their praises as i feel this would be misleading to others who do not have my experience and are looking for an objective assessment of the devices strengths and weaknesses. My impression of the gen 8 family generally is that it was released to early by Archos, at least half of the issues documented on this site could have been avoided if they had taken more time to ensure production was right before launch. I understand that our appetites had already been wetted through the early announcements. I do think Archos have shot themselves in the foot because of this though. Their reputation will suffer as a result of these issues especially given the upcoming release of so many alternatives. This will inturn affect all those who kept their devices as the Archos strategy changes to account for not meeting it targets.

This forum has been invaluable to me as well as many others and long may it continue. I do not think it is however productive for us to stick only to the positives though. I believe(correct me if i am wrong) that Archos does actively read the threads on this site and even acts on some of them. So i see nothing wrong with having a moan about something that doesnÔÇÖt work the way it should. Admittedly it should be pertinent and controlled, the more that we complain about an issue surely the more likely Archos are to add it to the long list of fixes they are working on, maybe even prioritise ahead of some others.

I am more than happy with my 101 and i have no intention of selling it just yet. That said though i donÔÇÖt feel that i must praise Archos at every opportunity, i want them to work harder to make this tablet live up to its potential. Its good at the moment but it could be great and i worry that only half of the fixes needed will materialise.

So lets all have a group hug and remember why we are here!!!
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by frank »

Personally I think this is a great place to describe your issues and try to find a fix. Whole heartedly agree that any reply saying "sell it" is a copout. Repeatedly ranting and raving about an issue is a bit over the top, but balances nicely against the Charbax videos that make it seem like these are the best thing since sliced bread.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by shoezy »

Mr. Mac, I totally agree with you.

I have been reading this forum for a couple months now and while I have found some useful information here, I must say the condecending posts from the moderation (one mod in particular) is extremely off-putting. No, I will not quote examples...we ALL know this is going on.

I am a geek. I am an old geek. I have been around a few forums in my time. I understand how it can be....frustrating...to say the least, when you are helping people who do not have the technological skill or knowledge you posess. However; talking down, being short, answering questions with condecending answers, answering questions with condecending questions and being generally dismissive are not qualities that are becoming of an old geek. Tact is.

A heavy hand will break what the light touch can fix.

At the end of the day, there are much larger problems than this forum's moderation and more than likely nothing will change here. I will definitely continue to be a member of this forum and will do what I can to contribute to it's usefulness. After all, Charbax was the one who convinced me to buy Archos, before I even knew this forum existed. (maybe it was his accent ha!) Please keep up the good work Charbax and see you all around. BTW, I am VERY happy with my 70it ;)
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by daviator »

Many here are helpful and will concede certain points. I have been helped via this forum more than once and I do find most of the Mods to be quite tolerant and restrained in their responses.

I do however, disagree with the argument of "So what if Archos marketing is misleading? Other companies do it too." OR "If you're not happy, return it or sell it." OR "At least Archos releases firmware more often." Yeah. but what good is it if breaks more than it fixes? And yes I have filed a complaint with a state agency where Archos U.S. is based.

All companies (not just Archos) need to be held accountable for what they promise. Allowing unsatisfied customers to vent here provides several benefits:
1) Potential new customers can see the pros and cons of purchasing a product.
2) Archos can see what people really think about them and their products.
3) May reduce calls to Archos if users can find their answers here.

Again, I think most customers knew (or thought they knew) what they were buying. I don't think we were expecting a really high end tablet. For the most part, mine performed as expected (sans battery issue most likely related to firmware). But, we were expecting to get what was advertised.

I have not seen complaints about screen resolution, processor speed, weight or the Android O.S. itself. Most complaints are about Archos' lack of response to support and RMA requests and to the misleading marketing on their website. It appears that if you have a tablet not adversely affected by the firmware and you donÔÇÖt care about the other "features" promised by Archos, then you are happy.
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by InsanityGuy »

maviler wrote:Totally agree.Image
yup i agree too!
Archos 101 :)
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Re: ubeliveable

Post by AllenPapapetrou »

All these points about the deficiencies of Archos have been made numerous times. I am locking this topic as well.

It's easy to look at the history of Archos with devices like the 5IT and the 7HT and see what some, including myself, consider poor design choices and misleading to false marketing claims. So we let folks talk about them.

But as Butterfly Girl pointed out this is the ArchosFans.com Support Forum. Our primary focus is to support folks in getting the best their Archos devices can deliver regardless of what Archos says.

I am the moderator who locked the previous topic mr-mac references as it devolved into repeating the same attack-responses over and over. Note that the topic was locked, not deleted. Same for this one.

I we ever get polls back y'all will have an easy means of turning your feelings into numbers.

-An old geek 8)

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