Newbie Tips - Allen's Setup - A70 and A101

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Re: Newbie Tips - Allen's Setup - A70 and A101

Post by patriot95 »

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here. I've used this site to mess with my A7HT and now that I've got my A70 I'm back again. Didn't register last time but I figured I'd stop in to thank everyone for asking the questions I didn't. If (when) I have problems I'll be sure to come back. I'm going to look to follow the steps for this setup.

Does anyone know the pros/cons for ADW.Launcher/Launcher Pro? What about SPB?
A7HT 8-A70IT 250-A15 vision-Dinc ;)
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Re: Newbie Tips - Allen's Setup - A70 and A101

Post by hllhnd »

Really nice guide, got my A70 8G running with 1st attempt (which is rare). Big thanks to Allen and also everybody else =D>
I have few questions though ;)
1. During setup i downloaded 2 files (Appslib_2 and gAppsInstaller_v5-final) which i then moved to tablet and executed. Do i need to keep these 2 files or can i delete them (i have them on my pc). if i cant delete them could i then move them as the folder to which i moved them is not the best one (as guide didn't suggest any specific folder)? :doubt:
2. At some point in folder "downloads" appeared file "andme_signed" - what is this and can i delete it? :doubt:
3. At some point in app drawer appeared 2 apps, App Manager and App Explorer. App Manager gives note that "There is no J2ME midlets installed, please explore J2ME applications", by pressing OK it opens App Explorer with heading "Java/J2ME for Android v2.0" and some apps. What is this and can it be removed? :doubt:
4. in app drawer i have app called gAppsInstaller (i guess it installed market). Can it be removed after market is installed? :doubt:
5. And last, not directly connected with this thread, but still connected with setup. When i try to connect via bluetooth with my pc (and also mobile) i get message "paired but not connected" but i can still move files from pc to tablet. Ive tried every trick i found (except resetting everything) but without any help. What troubles me a bit is that i have an idea to replace with A70 my gps but if it cannot connect with BT gps mouse then im in trouble and my plan will fail. So, is there a way how to get it "connected" or it is not problem for gps mouse?
thx in advance and sry for bad english :oops:
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Re: Newbie Tips - Allen's Setup - A70 and A101

Post by sewkool39 »

Hello. I am an extreme newbie to tablet computers. After I got my Archos A101 I went crazzy downloading apps. Now I have all these apps and don't know how to use them, or what to do with them, and I need a lot of advice and help! Should I delete everything and start over with your set up proceedure? Is there an Archos 101 for dummies forum? Please point me in the right direction. Thank you.
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