Help with Temp Root please either method

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Help with Temp Root please either method

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Immersive app crashes as well as full screen app
I wanna do it in a command instead either trough arctools or another way

FW 2.483

1st Method

I have the SDE installed then I installed the 2.483 FW
However When I downloaded the Temp FW 2.483 and the RW firmwares for 2.483,
and unzipped them,I had no clue where to put the 2 folders (scripts and sources Folders), also the zip file never came with Zimage nor initramfs, So i had to use some i found online

It said i flashed the kernel but when I rebooted I had no Root privilege
can someone give me a hand with that if I do not want to go the Framroot route

2nd Method
Here was the FramRoot method that does not seem to help much

I found i was able to execute a shell command ,after message says half success being root,but the phone will keep looping in a splash screen.

I had to reformat then install the Firmware again, then tried again this time without any commands in the terminal and same thing happened.

So once again I formatted and re installed the FW
Now I notice My device boots normally if i choose the custom script option
and the splash screen will not loop if i choose custom script instead of Superuser
the question is how do i make a script?

This is what I want in the script as an example
# thats for the half succeded root
echo "ro.kernel.qemu=1" >> /data/local.prop
# this is to remove side buttons
echo"ro.board.has_buttonbar=no" >> /data/local.prop
#This I am guessing can run a command from the SD card on each bootup?

can someone please make me a script just to
echo"ro.board.has_buttonbar=no" >> /data/local.prop

This way I do not have to make the SU my only option
mt phone will not hang or loop on splash screen when I select that option of
using a custom script option from Framroot
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