How LONG does it take to calibrate the screen?

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How LONG does it take to calibrate the screen?

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G'day everyone

I got my Archos 43 Vision today and I find that the screen is terribly miscalibrated (I press in the lower half of the screen and then it activates something in the upper half, etc). So I went to the Settings menu and selected to recalibrate the screen. But how long does it take for the calibration to be completed? It seems to go on and on and on and on.

I have to press a + sign in each corner and then in the centre of the screen, and then again, and then again, and then again. My wife says it took her "just" 2 minutes of seemingly unending presses to finish the calibration, but I want to calibrate it for my fingers now.

I tried to count but I lost count at about 25 repetitions. There is no progress bar, either, so I have no way of knowing for how long I'm going to have to press those + signs over and over and over for. And of course the only way to escape from the calibration screen is to switch the device off.

Can anyone here tell me how long I can expect the calibration to last? If you say "you have to press 100 times" then I would not be happy with the purchased product but then at least I'd know how long to keep going for.

Is there a way to make calibration quicker (i.e. shorter)? I would have thought that it should be possible for the product to tell where I press the screen within 10 presses, at most.

Samuel (very unhappy at this stage)
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