Help Downloading Music PLEASE

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Help Downloading Music PLEASE

Post by welshchick »


I ahve just bought a Archos 4.3 and am havin trouble downloading music. I want to put a cd on to it through WMP and windows 7. I ahve had trouble getting it to sync and had to rip the vd tp get it to sync at all. When the sync was completed the music is on the Archos in the files but it has gone on as WMA format so it wont play. What do I do? Am on the verge of going bald

Any replies need to be in basic english as I am not techie minded at all

Many Thanks
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Re: Help Downloading Music PLEASE

Post by veejay »

I am assuming you have bought an Archos 43 Vision player - not an archos 43 internet tablet - if you have bought a vision player you have now discovered that it doesn't play WMA files - in your situation - you seem to be ripping your cd to WMA format and when you then sync, the WMA files are being copied to your player - you need to change Windows Media Player to rip your CD to MP3 format - when you then sync, hopefully it will be mp3 files that will automatically be copied across to your media player. The way to do rip your cd to mp3 format with windows media player 12 is as follows:

Close windows media player. Take your CD out of the computer cd drive. Sart windows media player. The link to the screenshot below hopefully shows what you might expect to see. Go to tools; go to options; click on rip music;where it says rip settings, click on the little triangle next to where it will probably say windows media audio;when you click on the little triangle you will get a number of different options - select MP3 and then apply and OK.Then put your CD in. Hopefully it will rip the music automatically. If it doesn't, eject the cd, delete the album from your library, close windows media player and start the process again.

If you have a whole collection of cds that you have already ripped into WMA format, it may be more convenient to get some software to convert the files to mp3 format, and then manually copy the converted files to the correct folder on your archos vision.

If you look at my previous posting from a few days ago you will see a link to the freeware software that I have used to do the converting - it seems to work OK without causing any problems, provided you can live with the irritating message asking if you want to go the software website after it has finished doing the conversion for you. Clearly you use the software at your own risk, but it seems OK.

Here is the link to a screenshot - Image - i wanted to upload my own screenshot but couldn't figure out how to do this ! I need to spend some time learning bb code
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