PROBLEM: Video playback - continous & chopping clips

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Archos Novice
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PROBLEM: Video playback - continous & chopping clips

Post by makarije »

Hi there,

I hope someone here is knowledgeable enough about 43 Vision to answer this:

When I play clips, it chops/stops them before they end (perhaps a second or so) and continues automatically onto the next clip (continous play).

Is there any way to remedy this? How can I stop continous play and prevent video clips being chopped?

Many thanks for any useful advice you might have!

PS: anyone knows the link to download the latest firmware for this model? On the Anchos website there is only link for 43 Internet tablet firmware...
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Archos Novice
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Re: PROBLEM: Video playback - continous & chopping clips

Post by mnguyen18 »

Sorry, I don't believe there's any way to prevent chopping, nor continuous play.

Regarding chopping, I noticed that certain videos files get chopped, but others aren't. Anyway, I lived with it, because 1 second isn't too bad. However, if you try to play a file bigger than 1 gb, the player is unable to play the whole movie to completion (almost half an hour gets chopped.)

I just recently exchanged my Archos 43 vision. It came preloaded with the most recent firmware (1.18) and the touchscreen is much improved. No trying to press buttons multiple times! I think that after many people complained about the earlier models, Archos started making improvements. The video chip seems to have been upgraded, because I noticed that my videos had less pixelation than on my previous 43 vision. However, the screen does not display colors as brightly as it used to. Also, keylock does not work when playing videos. Finally, at volume level 01, you can hear sound, whereas previously, you heard nothing.

Anyone who has the opportunity to exchange their player should do so asap. The ones with a later serial number 104XXXXXX are much improved.
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