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Learning curve problems?

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:38 pm
by grandsire02
I've today purchased an Archos 43 Vision having decided to upgrade from my JTEK Chinese imitation which worked fine until I dropped it on the floor! Having said that, I'm disappointed by and somewhat perplexed with my purchase. The instruction manual supplied is sub-basic, and there doesn't appear to be a more detailed version of it online. Amongst other things, I want to use this machine for talking books, and here I immediately seem to have come up against two problems: firstly I cannot find how to get an audio track to resume where I left off (using pause button) and after switching the player off; secondly, although I have put my books and music across to the Archos in folders, it does not recognise these and it just shows a list of 2,000 or so individual tracks (my JTEK automatically went on to the next track within a folder - very useful for a book or large piece of music such as an opera); moreover, for a particular book it changes the file reference number order so that tracks 10 to 19 appear before track 2. Finally, I can set the time correctly, but the date refuses to budge from 9th January 2008! Can anyone help before I tear out what little hair I've got left and send off for another JTEK?

Re: Learning curve problems?

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:56 pm
by grandsire02
I've just solved Problem 2 (folders & file reference numbers) - I go into a book or large musical work via the 'Files' button rather than 'Music'. Will still very much appreciate assistance with the other points raised!

Re: Learning curve problems?

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:32 pm
by mnguyen18
Be careful if you have a big library of files that you want to place in order.

If you want them in the Archos' 8GB in order, you will have to load them in the player one at a time. For example, you connect your player to the computer, click and drag the file to the player, disconnect the computer from the player. Let the player update the library. Once this is done, do this to the next file. You will have to do this for EACH file.

Alternatively, connect a card reader to the computer. Insert the microsd. Click and drag the files onto the microsd, then when you're done, put the card into the player. This method is much less timeconsuming than the first one.

I have collections of anime on my microsd, so I sympathize with your problem.