Touchscreen dilemma...

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Touchscreen dilemma...

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Firstly I shall tell you the story...

I purchased my Archos 43 Vision from E-bay about a month ago. (From Great Britain and I live in Australia)
Worked perfectly, just the way I wanted it to...then the issues began to arise.

The touchscreen began to be very annoying after it fell from about a one metre drop. It wouldn't respond to my touches so I went into the settings and I accidently went into the calibration option and selected it...

The impatient idiot I am, I quickly rushed through the calibration. I DON'T remember where I touched the screen exactly but i do know it wasn't on the calibration markers.

Now, when the screen goes to sleep, the only part of the screen that gets it out of its sleep mode is the top right corner. I have tried a countless amount of times to select settings or anything for that matter. I have tried reseting and reformating it.

Here is the irony. I am not covered by warranty (I would think) because I purchased it on E-bay and from another country.

Idea 1:
I get a place to repair it for me.
I just don't know of any places in Aus where they will do this.

Idea 2:
Pull the thing apart myself and do something magical?
One downside to this is that on the web, the 43 vision is very neglected and doesn't have any how-to's on how to pull the guts out of it.

Idea 3:
Post for answers/ideas on

Please help me!
Thanks in advanced!!!
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