Playback is skipping frames?

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Playback is skipping frames?

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Hey, Against my better judgement I picked up an Archos 43 Vision from Future Shop (Canada) yesterday. I figured that if I didn't like it I could return it; Future Shop gives 30 days.

It was supposed to replace the old bulkier 605 Wifi 80Gb I have.

The unit looks nice, shiny, touchscreen is nice and clear, clearer than the Chinese Mp4 players it's based on (Ramos T8).

Sadly, the playback is choppy when watching action scenes, like Nash Bridges.

The firmware version on it is 1.18 and naturally, in usual Archos fashion, there is no ulterior firmware available on their website.

I've toyed with the idea of installing the latest firmware of the unit it's based on: the Ramos T8 (identestical except for the firmware) but then why tinker with a brand new unit to make it work?

I'm bringing it back this afternoon.

All in all, my older, bulkier Archos 605 Wifi plays the videos beautifully without choppiness or skipping frames.

Sorry Archos but the 43 Vision is a fail.
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