Is it reasonable to buy an PMA400 atm?

First Archos with a touch-screen and WiFi (2005)
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Is it reasonable to buy an PMA400 atm?

Post by Puma7 »

should i buy atm a PMA400 or sould I wait for a newer version?
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Post by Charbax »

604 Wi-Fi in certain ways is the new PMA, in terms of better touch-screen, better video support, faster better high resolution browser. But certainly the PMA430 has some features that the 604 Wi-Fi hasn't got like some ported Qtopia software, OpenPMA, mp3 recording and more.

Basically I'd say if you can get it very cheap, like 200Ôé¼ or a bit more, if you want you can get the PMA430, it's surely a fun device.

But I am sure that a lot of things are going on, the 604 Wi-Fi also is really cool and costs some places just a bit more than 300Ôé¼, and surely a lot of things are going on with the development of next generation products.
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Post by greekgit »


I got my PMA for a good price and I agree that if you can get one cheap enough its a lot of functionality in a small package. regularly sells them for around 160GBP == 230Euro
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