Is there any way to boost the wifi signal?

First Archos with a touch-screen and WiFi (2005)
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Is there any way to boost the wifi signal?

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Hello guys!
I bought my pma400 in December.
I really like this product but don't know much about the o/s.
There is a few bugs in it that i don't like but over all it's a good product.
I have been wondering why the wifi signal is so weak.
I have compared the the pma with the psp, man the psp blew me away.
In an apartment complex the psp was able to pick 8 signals but my pma only picked up 2 and with low signal.
Is there any solutions for this?

Improve WiFi

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There is a way to increase the signal, but you have to take the unit apart. Check out this link:
Now select OTHER at the top of the page. Go to the sixth link " How to Enhance the WiFi Range and Reception of the PMA (2 comments) " . This has detailed instructions on extending the WiFi range. After I read it, basically you must double the length of the wifi antenna inside the PMA430.

I am trying to get a HAWKING HWUG1 usb to wifi to work. Still talking to Hawking Tech. support. I really don't want to open the PMA430 unit. If this works I won't have to.

Its on this site:
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has any progress been made on this subject?
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