3Cam Vision Music Play order - BIG PROBLEM

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3Cam Vision Music Play order - BIG PROBLEM

Post by kimtoxta »


I just bought an Archos 3Cam Vision and quickly found out a very big problem with it.

Please forgive me if this as already been said but i believe there must be a fix around somewhere for this.

The problem is very simple although very big.... the Archos 3Cam Vision(and maybe all Archos???) cannot do a basic, core function of playing an album from start to finish.

This is something my old Zen could do without blinking...

It seems this happens because Archos cannot read the track numbers from the ID3 tags... it only looks at the title tags it seems....Seems to be a design fault... but can i change this? Can i setup or update the firmware in order for it to play the order i name the files and not by the alphabetical name on the ID3 title tags?

I'm very sorry to say this but this is to me a very basic function to have and cannot understand how did the design team and engineers miss this one.
And i'm even more amazed how several reviews were made by(up to now) renowned sites and no one noticed this....seems to me they didnt even turned it on...

Its like making a really nice car but without the engine... what its for? sitting in the garage? And how the hell did someone say it goes like hell without turning the engine on....which would be impossible....

Please let me know if there is some kind of fix for this or else i might try to get my money back...

PS: I know this isnt a Archos Customer Service but this is the place i believe that could be of greater help.

Thanks for everything.
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Re: 3Cam Vision Music Play order - BIG PROBLEM

Post by viking »

I can't remember exactly how it works on the 3cam, but can just toss out some ideas. There are discussions here that you can search for on how to change the tags with a pc. Also, does it work the same way outside the MUSIC folder? For some reason I put a bunch of order dependant audio book files under a folder called DATA that is seperate from Music. Can find it under the files item on the second screen. I don't recall if I created it or if I put a .nomedia file in it to prevent mixture when playing music.

I hate the whole concept of tags, and never got any stripping program to work on my mac. Instead I just shuffle all music and for audio books, I sometimes have to find a special folder (or a special player, such as archos clipper) that ignores tags. 3cam seems to be a rebadge rather than a true archos so I think no firmware changes are coming.
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