GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?

Archos 9" tablet pc
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GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?

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First of all,it's nice to be on this forum :)
Can someone port the GMA 600 drivers to the GMA 500(archos 9)?Or at least overclock?
They both use PowerVR SGX 535.

-GMA600 is clocked at 400MHZ and support some newer chips(Z600) ... 181.0.html
-GMA500 is clocked at 200MHZ and is used in the archos 9,sony, and other tablets/PC ... 614.0.html

Does the igdlh32.INF have to do with anything?
all the lines seem to be almost exactly the same,just like 3-5 lines are different?idk

I get the driver selected for this device does not support this version of windows not sure what else to try....

Not sure if this is too complicated or time consuming,but the ONLY difference seems to be the clock speed.Overclocking isn't too hard on other regular PCs,but is hard for the GMA 500.
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