Charbax reviews the Archos 2 player

Worlds cheapest 1.8" color 8GB MicroSD Mp3 player: $48 on
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Charbax reviews the Archos 2 player

Post by Charbax »

Here is my video review in HD of the Archos 2 player:

as far as I know, it's the cheapest and best value you can get for that type of price for a basic mp3 player, with a color 1.8" LCD for videos and photos, with FM tuner and voice recorder built-in and totally drag-and-drop and Archlibrary (ID3 tags artist/album/genre/year automatic categorization) compatible.

You can discuss this video here.
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Re: Charbax reviews the Archos 2 player

Post by RK »

Hi Charbax,

Nice review.

Can you please comment on the sound quality? How does it compare to bigger Archos players? Does it have bass boost settings?

I love my Archos 605wifi, but I only use it for music now, and it feels too big for just listening to music. But having that said, it sounds better than most other PMPs I've tried.

Archos2 is small and cheap, and MicroSD expansion is a big advantage...
on my 605
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Re: Charbax reviews the Archos 2 player

Post by Archos-Atarian »


I will say this much. I had been using my Archos 605 as my music player for years. The battery dying on me the way it did was confusing, but I managed to replace the battery with a better one that has more than twice the power as the original. Very great to be able to charge it, use it a few nights a week, and to find it still charged several days later. It makes the 605 feel robust with so much battery life now that I've put in the replacement. However it was always cumbersome as a music player, especially in the car.

Driving and manipulating the 605 touch screen is nearly impossible - the buttons come in *useful* and *very handy* because you can feel which button you need without having to look at the screen for too long. But the unit as big as it is, it really requires two hands to use the touch screen and also when using the buttons. Driving and 605'ing for music is cumbersome.

The Archos 2, however, tested out perfect for controlling while driving. It is so much smaller and I can control it with my thumb even better than I can my cellphone's keyboard.
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Re: Charbax reviews the Archos 2 player

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