New to Archos, Gapps/Android upgrade links dead!

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New to Archos, Gapps/Android upgrade links dead!

Post by Drahkarg »

Howdy forum.

Yesterday I got my hands on an Archos 5IT, 500gb model. Got it from a friend for a debt payment.

I've been looking around, and it seems like all the files to get Gapps or a more advanced operating system on this bad boy are long since dead. I'm just wondering if anyone has the files kicking around somewhere and would be kind enough to upload them or email them to me.

Gapps for this firmware version are a priority, however any ROM that brings the Android version up would be equally appreciated. A version of ClockworkRecovery or any other recovery that's compatible would be groovy too.

Firmware Version: 2.0.45 (Android 1.6)

Thanks for your time.
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Re: New to Archos, Gapps/Android upgrade links dead!

Post by Agj_h »

1.6 donut is what you're stuck with but there is a version of the market place hack that will work - see stickies (although, naturally, many apps will be too recent for 1.6)
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