Archos 48 Sync Problems

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Archos 48 Sync Problems

Post by numbersix_99 »

Hi Folks,

Have an Archos 48 since January. Was one of the few that could hold the amount of music and vids I wanted.

But now I have a problem. In the last few weeks whenever I try to tranfer a song from my library to the player, the transfer commences but stops at 100% and freezes. If there's other songs in the sync list they will not transfer. I have to unplug, then plug in again for each song. Very annoying.

It happened a few weeks ago. I turned on the device and my music library was empty. After updating it several times much of the music came back, though there's still songs that have yet to appear. They are all there in the Hard Drive section of the media library.

Most of the time the song actually will transfer, but only to the hard drive in a folder. If I update the library from the device's settings a few dozen times it'll eventually appear in the library.

Here's the weird thing: I can transfer videos with no problem. I just open up the Archos in Windows Explorer and clikc and drag the video file to the Video sub-folder on the device. But if I try to do the same with music (ie click and drag to the Music sub-folder) it freezes as well.

I'm on the latest firmware. I've tried debug mode but it doesn't seem to do much.

I'm reluctant to perform a factory reset in case the problem persists and then I have to transfer every single song one-by-one, which would take weeks.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Archos 48 Sync Problems

Post by Agj_h »

There's a hard limit to the number of songs the library can handle. In the latest firmware version (.45) it's around 64k. Anything above this will show the sorts of symptoms you describe Unless something else is going on...
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