Second Archos. Same reoccuring fragile headphone jack issue.

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Second Archos. Same reoccuring fragile headphone jack issue.

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I bought my Archos back in February of 2011 and I have since mailed it back to get a replacement as the headphone jack began to go on me. It would crackle and hiss and pop every time I hit a bump while driving or twisted the cable. I've tried several different cables. About the only thing that doesn't cause any problems is my Skullcandy headphones. I got my replacement and it was fine...for a while. Now it is doing the same thing all over again and really driving me insane. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the Archos brand, to be honest, but I can't find anything with nearly a big enough HDD for me as I have my Archos absolutely loaded with music and videos. Is there any repair I can do to fix this? Or what is the best upgrade from the Archos 5 IT? Maybe the 70 250 gb or the 48 500 gb? Or another brand with large hard drive media players (with a better track record than Archos)
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Re: Second Archos. Same reoccuring fragile headphone jack is

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What about the gen9 250gb 8 inch?

I'm tossing up same issue although I have been more than satisfied with mine current one (except for 2 x hard drive failing but them's the breaks with hard drives). No issues with headphone socket but others here have complained about same thing. My batt life is steadily decreasing after 2 good years and I cant see the sense of spending more money on this.

Depends how much room you need but I'm thinking about going for just the 16gb gen 9, 8 inch although I love the 500gb of space.

Thing is with the flash version of the gen 9, you can add both a high capacity micro sd card and a high capacity usb stick at the same time (although using the usb stick means you sacrifice 3g connectivity if thats of any interest). Doing this effectively means you can get up near 200gb with no mechanical HD and prices for memory will only come down and capacity will increase.

Downside is that the form factor is bigger if thats important to you......but upside is you get ICS and all of the recent apps instead of having compatibility issues with donut 1.6
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