modding a5it?

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modding a5it?

Post by li8w8 »


i have the idea of changing the digitizer from my a5it to another 4,8" one.

i Know the old digitizer is singletouch but thats why i want to replace it.

i mean android has a lot multitouch devices, so drivers should exist!

you mean there is any way (even if it is expensive or difficult) to get this done?

i mean the digitizer is controled by a chip sitting behind my tft, being exchangeable theoreticaly.

so if i can get another display with multitouch in 4,8" is there any way i can connect it, not assemle but connect?

(so that with the right drivers it should work?
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Re: modding a5it?

Post by TheKonig »

I'm not sure you can do this but these devices are 4.8'' and capacitive

If you are able to do it please say something here, I would like to that myself.
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