Volume level on Archos 5 i t

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Volume level on Archos 5 i t

Post by jamey15 »

Hello....I have an Archos 5 I.T. 16gb...The sound volume is too low for my old ears...Is there ANY way to increase the volume..I have the volume UP to its highest level.?? Jim Cole
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Re: Volume level on Archos 5 i t

Post by li8w8 »

yes it is!

you have to root your archos (shakotans and full root)
then you'r able to set it up on alsamixer(terminalemulator or using quickssh(on market!) and your pc ;)

its difficult but it works (rooting i mean)
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Re: Volume level on Archos 5 i t

Post by Agj_h »

Not sure if our ears are different but I never have an issue with the volume.

However I did with my previous model 504 when using 'open' type headphones - listening to movie diologue etc was tricky on my train journeys.

Since I switched to using canalphone type ear phones that isolate from outside noise I never have an issue with volume and you dont have to spend alot of money to achieve this. My current pair are brilliant, always loud enough and cost only aud $30

An alternative is headphones that are amplified (some on the forum have mentioned that a Sony model is a good example).
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Re: Volume level on Archos 5 i t

Post by srawat_itpro »

The important question is for anyone who has ever tried the above said method for increasing the sound - does the sound remains natural post the hack?? or it distorts since the low sound is due to the speakers limitation and not some software limitation??

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Re: Volume level on Archos 5 i t

Post by Psycogeek »

There is one thing that most everyone aready knows about.
an "Auto Gain" feature in the settings Sound, in the player.
fire up an internal movie in the archos video player.
reach up and hit the upper right button.
you will see SETTTINGS, touch that, and select SOUND
in there turn the auto gain feature on, it is a sort of AGC.

if you didnt know about it, at least it can help some.
other than that there are some amasingly powerfull mini speakers of all kinds, from 1" ones and up, that can be plugged into the headphone ports.
and there is Re-adjusting the sounds themselves (on PC) using GoldWave audio editor (free to try for a while) and Virtual Dub for movies. Both capable of batching a set of files.
many recordings , especially movies and especially AC3 sound are not using a full digital range to begin with.
the player not having "Pre-Amp" capability (like would be in TCMP player for winders) means the original files need to be recorded using the full digital range instead of the bottom 25%. :cry:
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