I have both an Archos 5 and a G1 (Android)

Archos Android Tablet available now 8GB ($189), 16GB ($229), 32GB ($258), 160GB ($310), 500GB ($349)
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Re: I have both an Archos 5 and a G1 (Android)

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There are plenty of ways to use the NDK, for example Mozilla is using it to port Firefox Fennec to Android, the VNC people may be porting VNC viewers to it, games emulation people can port emulators to it (as well based on hardware acceleration available in the specific devices), Archos can use it to customize their HDTV video playback features to integrate in the best way possible. To add layers of functionality useful on such 800x480 4.8" touchscreen, such a more Desktop centric features, porting of Abiword type of text processing suite, other more full fledged desktop apps.

Google will most likely design classes for those native feature additions, so that features and new applications developped using the NDK can be designed to fit within the design class that this or that Android device manufacturer may want to support. Some device manufacturers may totally block for any native applications, just as device manufacturers can perfectly well control which applications from the Android marketplace can be allowed to be installed on their device.
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