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Would be great: Archos 10S Ubuntu 500GB 2GB RAM 6-cells $399

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:01 pm
by Charbax
Though Archos has not even yet released the Archos 10 Ubuntu outside of France.

I really hope that Archos will quickly take this opportunity and be THE best Linux netbook provider in the world.

We geeks, the core market for Archos still, we don't mind at all Linux Ubuntu be on our netbooks, it often also is our prefered OS to have on netbooks. We would know to follow online tutorials to dual-boot with WindowsXP or Windows7 and perhaps even tripple-boot with OSX hackintosh to really have all the 3 major X86 operating systems on the same ultra compact cool netbook.

Having 500GB hard drive, thus 3x more storage, and 2GB ram, 2x more RAM, for nearly the same price as the Windows XP based netbook, that I think is really fantastic and I think Archos should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity, especially if Archos is in a good relationship with the manufacturer of the netbook and is able to get that Ubuntu configuration ordered. I am sure Archos could easilly sell 100 thousand such Ubuntu 500GB 2GB 6-cell Archos 10S netbooks at $399 if sold worldwide. That would actually be the best netbook out there for millions of geeks.

Only small details in the design that I think Archos should fix on the Archos 10S is to put the mouse buttons under the mousepad instead of on each side of it. And I think that the ctrl button should be placed at the bottom left corner instead of the Fn button. Then I am pretty sure it would be the ultimate best netbook design on the market, and with the Ubuntu option it would be the absolute best hardware configuration. +$50 for built-in unlocked HSDPA option, and it'd be even more to the perfection.