Overview of the Archos netbook pricing

Archos Intel based Laptops
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Overview of the Archos netbook pricing

Post by Charbax »

Archos 10 WinXP 160GB, 1GB RAM, 6-cells : $329 (is on the market)
Archos 10 Ubuntu 500GB, 2GB RAM, 6-cells : $350 (being released right now)
Archos 10S WinXP 160GB, 1GB RAM, 6-cells, 22mm thick, 1kg weight : $399 (MSRP, to be released by end of June)
Archos 13 Win7, 13,3ÔÇ│, 160GB, 2GB RAM, 10-cells (up to 18h battery life), CULV processor : $800 (MSRP, to be released in August if Microsoft allows pre-release Win7 releases, otherwise released when Win7 is released)
Archos 9 Win7, 8.9ÔÇ│ tablet, resistive touchscreen with multi-touch very nice and with nice viewing angles, 160GB, Atom Menlow Z515 processor and more cool stuff : $500 (MSRP, release in September if Microsoft allows Win7 pre-release then, otherwise released with Win7 release)
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Re: Overview of the Archos netbook pricing

Post by Archos5Fan »

I'm looking very hard at that Archos 9. :)
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