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Archos 10S might be the Gigabyte M1024 design

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:48 pm
by Charbax
I filmed the pretty AWESOME looking Gigabyte M1024 super thin 2cm thin 890 gram model with a nice keyboard and the built-in HSDPA option. They said though the price might be up to $600 depending on what the reseller wants to market it as. Hopefully I would say that Archos will find a way to sell it below $500 to end consumers through resellers worldwide and well subsidized through telecom companies since the Archos 10S comes with built-in HSDPA and should be a great model to distribute directly through telecoms subsidized with a HSDPA data subscription. ... and-m1028/

The reason I am saying that the Archos 10S might be the Gigabyte M1024 design is that I think it might be pretty high probabillity that there isn't two different netbook designs with exactly the same selling points being 2cm thinness, 890 grams in weight and the HSDPA option. Unless all Intel reference designs for such thin and light netbook models end up at exactly those same two measurements.