Playlists being wipe?

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Playlists being wipe?

Post by Mondo »

Does anyone else have the same annoying bug that happens with my Archos 70..

If I add new music, the device runs a media update - fine! But after completing it, random tracks from my playlists will be wiped Sometimes the entire playlist..

These are playlists made on the fly - but saved under various names ie Radio, Blog etc...

What makes this a real problem is I run a weekly radio show and use the playlists too compile the shows. So massively annoying when these lists get emptied

Any fixes, tips or ideas would be appreciated - I'm using mixzing for music playing, but the same problem occurred[url][/url] when I was only using the Android music app too
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Re: Playlists being wipe?

Post by eagle1 »

Yeahh... I guess this bug was never killed.
Anyway, what I usually do when I add new folders/music, I go to:

Tools --> Settings --> Customer Assistance --> Repair and formatting tools --> select Clear temporary system files and cache.

This will go through everything again in your media library.
It usually works for me.

Good luck ;-)
and keep enjoying your Archos.
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