Updated opinions on my new archos 5

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Updated opinions on my new archos 5

Post by chris1975 »

So its been a while since i got my archos 5 and when i first got it i must admit to being a little underwhelmed by it.

This opinion has changed very much so.

My archos has become my default player for watching video on the go it is so easy to place a video onto it and the picture quality although may not be quite as good as the itouch IMHO it suits my needs down to a T.

I work in a laid back office which allows mp3 and mp4 use as long as your work is on time and accurate your pretty much left to yuor own devices(no i cant get you guys a job LOL).

I also have a fiance and a 2 year old daughter who take up much of my spare time so the fact that i constantly had to convert media for my itouch was a real bugbear with the missus but now that i have this little beauty this is no longer a factor.

After reading all the comments about OS 1.5.64 i didnt upgrade i left it at 1.6.53 and i havnt had one problem with my archos and am now looking forward to Nov the 5th like everyone else to see what this little beauty can do when it has been opened up.

Im not tech savvy but i do like my gadgets and i hope that when the archos is jailbroken that the hacking community takes up the call to arms and provides us with some nice bits and bobs to make this excellent little machine all the better.
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Re: Updated opinions on my new archos 5

Post by KAYZAI »

New Archos 5 user . New to this forum too.

I love the A5. but I have never had a product reset itself as much as the Archos 5.

The plug-in thing was a major shock!. A PMP that is not fully functional unless plug-ins are purchased :oops:

November 5 cannot come soon enough
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