Full version of Linux on the PMA430?

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Full version of Linux on the PMA430?

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Hi everyone, I haven't posted here before, but I came up with an interesting idea for the PMA400 and while looking for a place to share it, I stumbled across here. My idea is basically to run a full version of Linux off the PMA400. You could use the external keyboard to type, or you could use an on screen keyboard operated via the touch screen. Imagine all the possibilities this would create! I know this is possible, as people have put Linux onto iPods and Nintendo DSs. The PMA400's touch screen would make having Linux on a portable device such as an MP3 player so much more practical. You could also sync it with your normal PC through Wi-Fi or a docking station. Thanks to the big hard drive, you could easily fit all the applications and whatnot on there, and still have room for your music. I think if this came to be, it would completely revolutionize portable computing. Please give me some feedback on this (If someone has already thought of this, please don't attack me, I just want this to come true).
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PMA430 is the real full Linux OS according to http://www.kevinboone.com/pma400faq.html#opsys .. But sure it would be nice that it could boot different User Interfaces than just Qtopia, for example http://forum.pxos.org are talking about getting gentoo, pdaxrom they want to make a pxos..

The thing I think, is maybe about Archos having worked to have the Multimedia features from its Archos OS onto the Linux system with Qtopia user interface. That must have been a huge work to make video playback, video recording, music playback, recording, pictures, browser, settings and all theese things. I don't know if an SDK or something can make it so that all theese Multimedia powers of the PMA can be used no matter using which distribution of Linux..

The next generation PMA I think, also could be faster with a better resolution screen, with more ram fast access memory and all, maybe improved way that the linux OS and applications work on fast access memory and the harddrive..

That's what I have understood so far anyways..
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