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Special Developer Edition Firmwares and Hacking on Archos 5 IT, 5/7 IMT, 605/705, with Android, ├àngstr├Âm and other Linux
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Post by fiat »

I've succeeded in hacking my Archos to allow for arbitrary code execution on latest firmware (That's pretty good right?), so I made a new thread.

will be posting details in the next day or so. ... highlight=
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Archos Guru
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Post by sideways »

This thread should probably be closed now, and all new posts go in fiat's new thread (which really should be stickied)

fiat's exploit is brilliant, and quite easy to experiment with even if you don't get ssh access setup (you can run lots of linux commands and direct output to a text file using the wireless file server password entry screen).

Thanks fiat :)
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