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Can Android or Archos 5 os work on Archos 7

Posted: Thu May 24, 2012 11:00 am
by mathewjg
Hi - sorry for posting here but it seems that so few people have Archos 7 media player that no one looks at that forum. My hard drive has failed (its definitely a hardware problem) and they are not available from Archos anymore. I have bought a new Seagate drive and was hoping to do a complete Raw disk copy but of course not practical as the old drive locks up after a couple of minutes. I am aware that the drives are matched in some way to the system board and do not use standard formating. So
1 Is there any way that I can put an Archos or Android operating system on the new drive -
2 is the Archos 5 disk format etc the same as Archos 7.
3 Would it be possible to take a disk out of the 5 and put it in the 7 (assuming the 5 actually uses a hard drive and not a flash drive).
4 My other option is to take a raw disk image from a 5 (either better if I could find someone with a 7) and burn it to my new disk.
Any ideas?