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Multibooted Archos 5IT wifi problem

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:35 pm
by Cazano
Hey Archosfans!

I have a problem with my archos 5 it. I tried to multiboot it, so i could switch to openaos froyo :)
everything seems to work, except for my wifi.

I can turn my wifi on, but it doesn't seem to work, because it won't find any network.
Also, it will turn itself off in just 15 seconds.

I multibooted it with help from this topic:

I have noticed that if i turn 'airplane mode' on, I can still switch my wifi on and off.

Here is a video I made to show you my problem.

I haven't found a solution for this problem, if anyone has, could you help me please?

Re: Multibooted Archos 5IT wifi problem

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:17 am
by BartHD2
I have this exact same problem. Used OpenAOS' instructions from ther Gen7 Walk through, also following their Gingerbread IMG to copy it over. I can now tripple boot (Android 1.6 & 2.3.x) as well as Angstrom. But i can't keep the wi-fi on for more than 10-15 seconds~! it shuts down on its own. Checked power, screen, other wireless aspects. Can't fugure it out.

Going back to drawing board a bit! Will keep looking.