Archos + Arduino via USB? Now possible

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Archos + Arduino via USB? Now possible

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If you have been looking for a simple solution to do stuff with Arduino and Archos (I have!) there finally is one.

Beginning of 2011 a hacker called inopiaaardbei made a solution called: ÔÇ£MicrobridgeÔÇØ using the Arduino USB host bridge and wrote the software to use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to communicate between the Android device and Arduino board via USB.
The Android device (your Archos) becomes a slave, the Arduino becomes the host.

Why I think it is totally cool
You do not need to do any hardware hacking or rooting or installing a modified Android image nor deep digging in the Android kernel. It simply uses the stuff you would otherwise use for debugging on Android:
1: A micro USB cable
2: Your Micro-USB port on the Archos (in our case. Same for telephones and whatever)

Total cost on the Arduino side to get started? About 50 euro for an Arduino board and the Arduino USB Host shield.

Other devices?
Due to the use of ADB it should run on all Android devices, including any Android phone and Archos tablets.

Not yet. I will order the required hardware (Arduino + USB shield) as stated in the instructions of inopiaaardbei and have some results hopefully end of April.

Blog post
I wrote a blog post to shed some light on it from my point of view. Links to his google code solution are in the post.

Go directly to the Microbridge project on Google code
A direct link to the google code repository is here:

I hope this helps other people looking for this.
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