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Archos 8Gen Image building/installing - Question

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:16 pm
by Sly
Hi, I don't as yet own an Archos 8gen device but I am considering it.

firstly, is there any information source for all the open development stuff? as I'm interested in getting a Archos 32 to be able to install Angstrom or possibly another linux spin onto the device.

How difficult is it to do, i've already read how to do the basic firmware install etc. but how easy is it to install images to the archos? what are the steps involved as i've yet to see anything about it? is it a case of simply loading the image file somewhere in a file system or do you flash it to the device?

Is building for the 8 gen devices the same as the Archos 5 IT devices as i've seen instructions such as... which make it look fairly simple to build custom images.

Also, smaller questions, how does the alternative images handle storage on the device e.g. if I got the 8GB archos 32, how much space of that can I use? How useable are the angstrom/other distro images running on the 8 gens, do they have all the hardware supported in the kernel, e.g. does touchscreen, wifi, usb host functionality work?

Much thanks to any and all who can answer these questions!