how to revert to non multiboot zimage and initramfs? A5it g7

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how to revert to non multiboot zimage and initramfs? A5it g7

Post by li8w8 »

hello all you =)

i need help on how to get rid of froyo and angstr├Âm /in general the multiboot image! (to have good working donut firmware! (at least as good as before like having usb filetransfair!).
upgrading using donut and latest official 3d aos file for a5it doesnt solve this.
upgrading using repair disk and update firmware from recoverymode although doesnt do this.

please i dont have any original zimage or initramfs had ever! i just applied the ones from openaos!


it would be great if someone could send me them so that i can revert!

hoping for good
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Re: how to revert to non multiboot zimage and initramfs? A5i

Post by zandoli »
- boot into the recovery menu;
- choose repair disk;
- when prompted hook-up the USB cable to your PC;
- copy your preferred firmware_archos5.aos file to the root of the Archos drive;
- remove other .aos files (if there);
- press the power button and the update should start;
- when done it will prompt you to press the power button again to reboot, for me this did not work, I had to press the power button for more them 10 seconds to switch off the device and then turn it back on again.
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