?Compiling for Angstrom?

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Re: ?Compiling for Angstrom?

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grond wrote:Usually you don't really want to compile stuff on the device itself, you rather use a cross-compiler, i.e. a compiler that runs on your PC (usually an x86-based computer running linux) but compiles code for the ARM-architecture used in the A5/A7. If you compile the whole Angstr├Âm stuff yourself (e.g. following the guide here http://dev.openaos.org/wiki/Setting_up_OpenEmbedded) you should also get the necessary runtime environment to compile code for use in Angstr├Âm. I'm sure there is an elegant way to include the source code of a package of your liking into the whole thing but honestly I don't understand enough of the OpenEmbedded approach yet to tell you how you can do this.
Hi friends,
I am running Angstrom from Beagleboard.My board doesn't recognise NTFS filesystem USBs.With te above statement,do you mean to say if I want to install some ntfs drivers and fuse for my Angstrom on BeagleBoard so that it recognises the NTFS USBs ,I should not install it on the device itself but separately on my 886-PC running Linux ??
Would it work ?Because when I tried the same,I still couldn;t solve my problem and NTFS module was not identified by Angstrom on Beagle board.
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