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Re: How to open an A7

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:07 pm
by tetsuo29
peterq wrote:Yabadabadoo!! I've made it! \:D/
Just finished installing dualboot with working AVOS 1.7.11 into 120Gb and IT REALLY WORKS!
So here is the way to get back to life Archos5/7 with original FW and damaged HDD:
0. Install original 1.7.11 FW. Device will hang in cicle rebooting - it's OK.
1. Backup hidden partition as described in
2. Install original SDE.
3. Continue as in , using additional files from ... -feb-2010/
That's all, falks!

PS But is it possible to make it boot after it without dualboot, only to AVOS?

I did this, and my Archos 5 IMT now functions with a replacement hard drive. However, I cannot play AAC files. Is there anyway to reenable AAC compatibility after following this procedure?

Re: How to open an A7

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:50 am
by Wayne C
Hello is it still possible to increase the size of an Archos 5 ( not android ) hard drive please?, I realise the thread is a few years old but I've just purchased an Archos 5 250gb off of eBay and would like to take it up to a TB if at all possible?. Is there a new easier way of doing this for a newbie. My firmware is 1.7.22 previous owner sadly reset to factory and upgraded firmware prior to sending me it.

Hoping there are still active members of the forum who can offer advice on this still wonderful and unique device.