can some hacker teach archos a lesson???

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roylovelock wrote:@ suraj, take off your battery and give the terminals a good clean, then gently scratch the player terminals with a key etc. batterys have a habit of becoming high resistance on the terminals (due to oxidisation on the terminals), this should hopefully remove any oxidisation and sort it out. as the wifi will be drawing much more current it probo will cause this problem. the 605 is a newer unit and has better battery life as would be expected, but for you only to get an hour with wifi i would suspect something is wrong. is the player running hot? even my 2yr old psp last longer than that with wifi!. maybe a call to archos support to get it repaired might fit the bill (if in warrenty that is)

there is no oxidation on the terminal it looks clean, i had a look at it after reading ur battery back up for web browsing is around ond and half hr.
and yes the player becomes comparatively hotter when browsing the web after an hour or might be because of the temperature here in our country. its around 36 degrees here.
but while watching the videos i get a battery back up of 4and1/2 hrs.
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I think a lot of you are missing one very major point. Archos are still selling the 604 on their own store. They are selling a device they no longer actively support.

So the analogy of "everything gets obsoleted and loses support" argument falls flat on its face. Archos are notorious for dropping support for older models as soon as a new one is released. Report a bug on the 604 and it will not get fixed, even if its a brand new unit you have just bought.
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That's a fair point. If Archos wants to sell products that are past the end of their full support lives, they really ought to make the situation clearer in their advertising. That is a bit cheeky, to say the least :(
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