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email from Archos

Post by alankayser »

I just received this reply from Archos:

[Ticket#: 20306119]‏
From: Archos Information ([email protected])
Sent: Wed 10/24/07 6:53 AM
To: Alan Kayser ([email protected])
Cc: [email protected]

Alan Kayser,
That forum, unfortunately, is not owned or moderated by us, but rather by a
normal group of users. All we can really suggest is that, if you find the
policies and moderators there not to your liking, you not frequent the site.
It is not something that we have any control over.

Thank you,
James E
Archos Technical Support

Now, not to be paranoid, but it seems rather odd to me that I would get this at 7am Eastern time in the US. I do believe that Archos is in California where it is 4am. Do tech ppl work at this hour? Maybe their messages are delayed or something. Plus, I did not send this email to the tech department. Notice there is a ticket #. Plus when did Archos ever respond so quickly to anything? And what is a normal group of users? I guess Archos is getting better at responding to customers. Or is it?
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