I think you will find.

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I think you will find.

Post by smallman28 »

To all those people who seem to just be flaming one person in particular.

You are the minority.
You are doing nothing more than making yourselves look stupid,you think that a few emails to Archos about an un-official forum is going to get it pulled and Charbax kicked out?
What are you smoking,we know from experience that Archos dont seem to care too much about their own products never mind an un-official forum.
Post after post with stupid titles that are filled with nothing more than personal attacks make me beleive that the place is currently populated by a bunch of school kids.
You say that the internet is based on free speech,to a degree it is but that doesn't mean everything should be posted on it does it,if someone controls a forum they are entitled to do what they want with it aren't they?
If you dont like it here just leave and take your attitude with you.
Archos Guru
Archos Guru
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Post by alankayser »

Your point is well taken, but I assume you have not been a victim of flaming and being called names. Yes, it is his website and he can do as he pleases. But please read these threads and see how all this usually starts.

I have posted comments about competition, only to be called stupid, crap, and worse. If you think that is ok, then fine. Wait until it's your turn. You might change your mind.

As for contacting Archos, that probably will not have any effect. But I do believe that he does the company more harm than good.
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