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is totally exasperating the negligent management that has been done since three months ago I failed my tablet.


I describe my troubles with them to the last two emails ....

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to complain about a replacement which has the problem that you have created me and have done away with the result that you do not delivered my tablet.

I attached a summary of some of the emails that I has sent at the account both technical and RMA service, with the most relevant information about it.

First of all, let me explain: The January 30, 2013 you were asked you to review my tablet, as it still under warranty, screen fails. You forwarded me an email in which I will send this tablet, one A101 ARCHOS G9 16GB TURBO WW, as you can see in the mail from that. This tab was registered in your system on 12/23/2011.

I sent tablet by certified mail, and you made the acknowledgment receipt on February 12, but it seems you had lost the documentation as stated in the email that you forwarded at 19:50 and where you change to an A80 G9 tablet, which is totally wrong.

You remit me a lower tablet, which also failed her screen and when inserting a SIM card is turned off, I contacted again with your service exposing all the problems and returned to tell me to send them this tablet, I insist, does not correspond with my bought. I came fanciest another 40 € on shipping, and expressly warned them they changed the description of the tablet, which is retained in your record but you have altered:
Serial number : xxxxxx

This serial number will have doubled and assigned another model that is not mine, also avoid could see the attached invoice, where it has handwritten the serial number of my tab.
As confirmed shipping me a second time, I contacted with your service indicating that have returned to make the same mistake sending me another lower tablet, I was attended by a person named XXXXXXXX, who has not able to stop the process, as you will see in the mail also attached.

This third time you were who were responsible for pick, since I was not willing to pay the shipping for the third time. This collection was managed by you with FEDEX, attached them turn their mail where is indicated the tracking of the collection.

Well, this tablet sent again, and my surprise is after two weeks waiting for his news, when claim to RMA-europe account “-please tell me where my tablet is-”, this account has been deleted.

I returned yet again to contact you through your web form, since I provide an email address where and…… nobody knows it, now I'm without my tablet and you are not able to know what is happening.

I have three months managing with you, I am absolutely unhappy with the service I have received, and hope you have the courtesy to send me not only my tablet but offer some sort of excuse.

Yours Faithfully,


Dear Customer,

We are sorry to inform you that we didn't yet received your unit under the return RET-01-1303280907, we invite you to contact your convoyer in order to track the parcel.
Please send us the informations on [email protected]

oooooMMMMMMGOOOOOOODDD, here you see:

Dear customer service,

The RET-01-1303280907 was received by you, here is the confirmation by SEUR with the tracking number.

You are wrong, and I am feeling really sad and tired about that. See the attached mail: you still have my tablet.

And Also, review the last mail, I am very upset about that, honestly do not know and how to handle this with you, PLEASE READ ALL COMPLETE!

I cannot believe the management that you are doing, the first time lost documents, and now have lost the tablet. Honestly it's amazing and I want to report this to someone responsible.

Unfortunately I will have to publish all the sad management forums you are doing with me.

Yours faithfully,

Noe Martí.

Please, I need help, my English is so bad they are not abble to understand what is happening? there is someone behind the emails or is it just an automatic response? I AM ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE, PLEASE HELP ME!

if someone asks me whether to buy a tablet archos, I probably put me to scream or faint.

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