Archos 105 "resume" vs "bookmark" functions

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Archos 105 "resume" vs "bookmark" functions

Post by lookfar »

I want to get one of these A105's for audiobooks, but I'm wondering if the bookmark and resume functions work differently.
In other words, does the resume func. bring you back to the position within a file, or just to the beginning of that file? In the manual, this is noticeably vague.
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Re: Archos 105 "resume" vs "bookmark" functions

Post by roylovelock »

hi mate, pretty lonely room i try to wade though them about once a month or so.
anyways the 105 will resume to where you left the file, pretty handy with audiobooks that can run for hours on end with one file.
The new 2 will only resume from the beginning of the file, and the 3 will resume where you left off.
i would advise to purchase the 3 now unless your getting the 105 for silly money, the 3 is a much more capable player with pretty good video playback as well. but it also has 8gb onboard unlike the 105 measly 2gb. the only real downside is the 3 battery life is no where near the 17hrs the 105 is capable of.
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