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Not sure what to think

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:08 pm
by squired
Looking at the TV+ I can't help but think that it is just an Archos without the little screen, and am left asking a number of questions.

1 - Will the apparent synching problem with audio also occur at high bitrates?
2 - Is the Ethernet connection fully functional, as I would use that rather than wireless, which seems a little flaky on the Archos handheld?
3 - Will the unit have full HD capabilities - including a higher recording resolution - otherwise, is there any point to the HDMI output?
4 - Is it worth the price (listed at £233 last time I checked, for the 250Gb version on, especially when it looks as though I would have to pay once again for the plugins that I've just bought on my 605?
5 - Will it actually have any additional capabilities compared to my 605, with the Docking Station?