Is It Network-able?

Ethernet, 80GB, 250GB
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Budwzr wrote:
sdm197 wrote:Hi Budwzr,

The TV+ gives the choice of enabling the "Wireless File server" or the "connect to an ethernet network" so it should do what you want.

Unfortunately I cannot test it, I took my TV+ to my router connected it to the ethernet port, but then realised I cannot check it because I need connected to a TV to turn the file server on what a Dumbass! :oops: Unfortunately I don't own a portable to try it.


That's good news. At least a highspeed transfer is possible. I suspect it will do nothing else while in File Server mode, right?

How about video streaming? Do you think that works on the LAN connection? Thanks for your info, we all appreciate it.

Video streaming it will do wirelessly from the TV+ to my PC or another Archos Unit, or you can stream from your Archos unit to the TV+ provided the unit i.e.605 is set to file server. I also tried streaming my "My Music folder" on my PC to the TV+ in my lounge playing one track, whilst simultaneously listening to another track in my bedroom, it works well.

As the previous poster points out the manual is now on the website,


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