What resolution to rip

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What resolution to rip

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I have ordered an Archo 405 to use on a forthcoming holiday. It is due for delivery next week, but in the meantime I want to rip some DVD's to my hard drive so they are ready to transfer to the 405 when it arrives. I am ripping to Divx (AVI) format.

As part of the set-up it asks you to choose a resolution or you can choose your device. If you select the Archos 405 it suggest a resolution of 720x576. However the 405 screen reolustion is 320x240.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
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The QVGA Archos screens such as the one of my 404 and your 405 suck at playing native resolution videos... rip them to the maximum supported, they'll look much better, and it will be great for output to TV.
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