405 switch on itself ......┬┐why?

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405 switch on itself ......┬┐why?

Post by sonikx »

hi everybody , I have the archos 405 about 3 weeks ago , and I noticed once he switch on itself without touching any buttons , and I know is happening more times , because I switch on sometimes doesn┬┤t appear the welcome screen go directly to the folder and thats means was switching on and after switch off itself , anyway ,anyone knows what is the problem and hw to solved , I hope to find somebody to known something about this problem , otherwise the archos works fine. thank you.
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Re: 405 switch on itself ......┬┐why?

Post by roylovelock »

do a full shutdown if your not using it.
this bug has been with the machine and the 605 since day one, i can understand with the 605 to connect and update but not the 405.
dont worry this is normal behaviour for some strange reason,.
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