Digital Rights Management rubbish

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Digital Rights Management rubbish

Post by archvillain »

I have a 405, firmware 1.7.10, and have made recordings from a video camera using av-in on the travel adapter and yet the 405 has locked these recordings so I can't copy them to anything else, not even to an SD card. Attempting to do so brings the message 'insufficient disk space', despite wantng to copy a 1.6gb file to a drive with 90gb free.

This is ridiculous.

Also ridiculous is the fact that Archos refuse to answer my emails on this topic - especially as I am a registered customer.

Anyone know of any way round this - apart from flogging your 405 and buying a non-Archos product?

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Post by roylovelock »

not for the original recordings, what you need to get is a macrovision stripper, check ebay or google to remove this good for nothing program. Saying that macrovision shouldnt be present with a home video camera as there should be no macrovison chip there. Check all your connections are clean and home when you connect next time.
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