Archos 405 30gb

Below $100
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Archos 405 30gb

Post by wargoul »

Just read there will be a 30gig version of the 405 coming soon :) ... d-to-30gb/
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Post by Garthorn »

In USA release announced yet.

This is kind of a silly move on Archos's part as the 405 is practially identical to the 404 except for the SD slot. All a 30GB 405 will be is a 404 with new buttons & interface (just like the 705 but at least that got a 160GB upgrade).
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Post by BUC »

I dont think the 30GB version of the 405 has SD slot.... at least not in Archos web page... but it does say that has a built in speaker

and I think the buttons are better in gen 04 than 05... imo...

I still like my moms 405... but the battery issue and the poor ergonomic design for buttons and headphone plug is a turn down...

Lets see how that goes... I still prefer a 2GB + 32GB SDHC when the moment comes... than 30GB with no possibility of upgrade...
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Post by tompon »

i think archos did a pretty good job making the 405 30gigs but its probably heavier, thicker and it boots less fast than the flash 405 and of course the price is realy atractive for just Ôé¼30 more you get 28 more gigs
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404 30GB vs 405 GB

Post by matelot »

Anyone has played with both to write a comparison ?
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