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Problem With Photo Viewer

Posted: Fri May 17, 2013 9:49 pm
by John Jones
Hi all,

I've had my 605 for a few years (with mixed feelings) and it's been running fairly well during this time.

However, I've just come across the following bug in the photo viewer.
I open a folder with a bunch of images.
As per usual, the thumbnails of the images pop up.
I click on one of the thumbs to enlarge it and an hourglass appears indicating that the Archos is working away at opening up the image.
And that's where it ends. The image never opens and instead the hourglass remains as the centre of the screen.

I have no idea how this has come about. I have done nothing unusual with the device or changed any of the settings.
Of interest is that when I go into FILE view, open the image folders and try to open an image, a message tells me that the file has been corrupted. This message, however, is not supported when I connect the 605 to a PC as a USB device and try to open the said images using a PC image viewer; the images open up instantly and are definitely not corrupt.

So far I have tried to update the ARC library and to Clear the temporary system files and cache, all without any success.

Has anyone else encountered this particular issue?

Re: Problem With Photo Viewer

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 3:01 pm
by John Jones
Lo and behold! After a week of not working, this morning the Archos photo viewer came back to life as if nothing had been wrong. After my initial attempts at fixing the problem failed, I did nothing further besides switching it on and off daily to listen to music.
My guess is that the operating system has a built in method of purging temp files and suchlike, and that through this process, the mechanism corrected itself. And that's wonderful, except that I have no guarantee that this issue will not arise again in the future.

One thing that may help is this:
I deleated all the image files from my 'Pictures' folder. I then added a few new images. These did not work initially, but as I said above, after a few days of On/Offing, they sprang back into action.

Should anyone else have encountered the same issue, do get in touch. I still have no idea what the cause was (or the remedy, for that matter).