DVR Travel Adapter

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DVR Travel Adapter

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I have had my travel adapter for 12 months with helmet cam but have never really used it. Now I want to use travel adapter to record tv. Dont have the dvr docking station and never wanted one. Problem is I never got the av leads with the travel adapter. I have been trying various leads with a 3.5m jack to plug into the av out on the back of my tv. I swap them around etc for eg. yellow to yellow red to yellow etc. I cant get past the screen video recorder with a picture of a cable with a cross through it coming from tv to archos. It all sounds simple on the web pages about the record feature just using av cables and dvr travel adapter. I am starting to waste too much time on something that should be so simple. I have tried ringing on sellers here australia without much help. regards G
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Re: DVR Travel Adapter

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Can you comfirm if it's the BATTERY adaptor or TRAVEL adaptor.

If it's the BATTERY one, the you can't record through it, only watch on the TV etc.

I don't think you can just use any AV CABLES, you need the ARCHOS AV CABLE. ... 1e57474b2a

Good luck.
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